Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ulu Yam Waterfall Outing

These are some of the photos taken last year when we have a quick outing to Ulu Yam Waterfall during the Hari Raya holiday...thansk god that day was not many people around...so we manage to have some fun there...

Will definitely go back there again for the chilling cold water.

Enjoy the photos....

1. Mommy sitting at the top

2. Grandma was soaking her feet too

3. Grandpa keep an eyes on Princess Rae

4. Very quite day

5. Princess Rae trying to 'test' water first..

6. Carefully water on the stone..

7. yeah...she said got a lil'bit COLD~

8. Passing some stone to mommy hand

9. And....give lotsa SAND to mommy too.. :P

10. Finally, we mark a foot stamp on the sand there... :)

I guess that's all for this time...hope u guys like the photos i have taken...and will keep u guys update on my blog soon...


Friday, March 19, 2010

Holidaying @ Genting

Hi guys,

Sorry for such a long time didnt update my blog here...was busying with lotsa stuff...but hey, at least i still do update (for now) right? Hehehehe...

Anyway, here are some of the back-log stuff. I was away to holiday with my dearest family in Genting few months ago....and here are some of my favourite capture.

Hope u guys enjoy reading and looking at those photos taken by me.

Cheers. :)

1. My dear Princess riding her favourite ride...Merry-Go-Round

2. The grandpa accompany her for FEW rounds of her favourite ride

3. Princess @ hotel doing her writing

4. Showing off her flash card

5. And her new FLASH Men toys :P

6. The early next day @ Gohtong Jaya Restaurant

7. Cutting off some Strawberries @ Strawberry Farm

8. Posing with her favourite fruit

9. Even the mummy love the fruit

10. Doing some portrait shoot at the Park

11. Posing with some orchid flower

12. Freshly grown strawberry

13. The lone-ranger strawberry

14. Cactus-Flower

15. Golden Monkey Cup

16. These are real flower....which looks very fake

17. Another Orchid flower

Thanks for all the time for viewing and dropping by to my blog here....as usual...promise will upload more photos soon...

Take care guys...cheers.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fashion Photoshoot

Hi guys,

These are some of the latest photoshoot i have done for a Fashion Blog.

Model are the Blog owner itself.

Hope u guys like it.

Happy Viewing and cheers. :)











Till my next post....

Take care and have a nice day!

Ciows~ :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Princess Rae Birthday 2009

Hi guys,

Happy New Year to you all ya!!

Sorry for such a long update in my Blog...i was really busy lately...from work to family.

Just hope i have more time to spend on this BLOG, but hey, i still update, at least from now on :)

Anyway, here are some of the photos that i backlog it since last year. It's my princess 3rd Birthday.

We are celebrating it TGIF, IOI Mall Puchong.

Here are some of the photos to share... :)

1. Merry-Go-Round beofre the dinner start :)

2. Princess Rae with her beloved Grandma :)

3. Princess Rae and my brother and sis-in-law

4. Her Ku-Cheh

5. Princess Rae beloved Grandpa

6. That's what KIDs get for celebrating Birthday @ TGIF

7. After her dinner....the HORNs start to grow on her HEAD :P

8. Even the manager sing her a Birthday Song

9. Cake Blowing time

10. Last but not least.....my most loving wife and princess family photo :D

Well guys, thanks for staying tuned to my blog...

Promise will update again....SOON :)


Friday, November 27, 2009

Food Photography

Seems like we need to try out everything....to complete the photography services right?

So last few month, we have tried out Food Photography for a Cafed located at Low Yat PLaza.

They were changing their menu so they opt for a new photos for they food. Here are some of the sample photos taken at the cafe...

These shoot took us more than 3 weeks to complete, it's all due the timing and preparation. It's really hard work for everyone (including the chef).

But still there is some good things to share about this food photography, what we got it's UNLIMITED drinks while we have the Drinks Shoot and those FOOD...looks yummy right? DOnt even think about eating it...why? Don't ask pls....just ENJOY the photos below..


1. Expresso Ice-Cream (Sweet and Heavy Caffein kick) :)

2. Mix Fruit Ice Kacang

3. Mix Fruit Ice Lemon Tea (Yummy~)

4. The famously Hainanese Chicken Rice

5. Hainanese Chicken Chop

6. Seafood Spicy Laksa

7. Bread and Butter...with some homemade Kaya~

8. Spagetti

9. The most eaten food at cafe now....Nissin Mee with Eat and Crab Stick

10. Chicken Fried Balls

Here are just some of the photos that i can share to you guys here....if u guys wanna eat more of these delicious food, please visit The Hub Cafe @ 3rd Floor, Low Yat Plaza, KL.
More photos at their menu and more selection too...
Till the next post...stay tuned guys!
Ciows~ :)